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Horse Lease Memberships

MORE fun LESS money and obligation

freed9om 2.png


$245 a month

Freedom is a 20 year old quarter horse gelding. Safe for anyone at any level.

sparkle .png


$245 a month

Sparkle is a 6 year old mini horse. She's gentle and safe for any age.

Do you love horses but don't have the time everyday! Or, does the thought of vet bills scare you? leasing is a very affordable option.

How it works:

You choose your day, choose your horse, then RIDE AWAY! 

no commitment, cancel anytime! 




$5,000- $10,000 initial cost

Monthly Cost of owning a horse:

Board and hay: $575

Shoes: $75

Teeth and vaccines monthly average: $25

Grain: $65

Shavings: $50

 Emergency vet or Colic: $150- $10,000


$790- $10,790

Daily commitment. vacation care increases costs. 

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